Industries We Serve



Gain access to industry magnates, and elevate your offerings. Through us, you'll tap into a network that powers brands such as Tesla, Toyota, and more.


Construction Machinery

Engage with the architects of tomorrow. Our connections are trusted by global construction leaders and visionaries.



With NOQii Commodities you align with the trusted steel solutions that support high-speed railways, subways, and expansive rail networks.


Bearing Industry

Precision matters when it comes to bearings. Align with steel providers that power the operations of giants like TIMKEN and SKF.



From iconic landmarks to the roar of elite motorbikes, our network is omnipresent. Brands like BMW, Harley-Davidson, and infrastructure marvels like the Shanghai Pudong Airport stand testament.

Other Sectors We Work In

Consumer Products

With our deep-rooted connections and expertise, we ensure our clients access to the best products tailored to their market needs.

Construction Materials

Harnessing the strengths of global hubs, we provide top-tier construction materials tailored to elevate your projects.

Food & Agriculture

Tapping into the lifeblood of global industries, NOQii delivers directly from the world's most vibrant hubs.

Oil & Gas

Powering the world, one solution at a time. With NOQii, you're plugging directly into the world's most dynamic oil and gas hubs.

We Offer First Class Services

Delivering Comprehensive Steel Solutions with Expertise

Quality Assurance

More than just a promise—our rigorous checks ensure you receive nothing short of perfection.

Elite Sourcing

Connect with the finest manufacturers globally, handpicked to match your precise requirements.

Logistics Mastery

Strategic solutions to ensure your products reach their destination reliably and promptly.

Seamless Customs Clearance

Expedited processes ensuring your commodities glide through customs, hassle-free.


Our Green Initiative

Building a Sustainable Tomorrow, Today.

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Strength in Connections: The Global Brands Our Partners Engage With

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